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When I get depressed, traveling makes me feel refreshed so that I can start something new.

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When I was a kid, I used to have so many parakeets with my little sister. In those days, having parakeets was so popular.

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Education in Japan

When I was a student, we used to start learning English from junior high school. We had never learned English conversation, only the grammer, so that's why most Japanese don't know how to communicate in English.

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Deforestation is a serious issue in Japan. Now most people have a pollen allergy every spring. Some of my family have that.

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Food Safety

I try to avoid artificial products like coffee fresh. We can keep it anywhere so we don't have to put it into a fridge.

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Energy Conversation

After the earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan, the energy god really limited.

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Rural Depopulation

I think it would be a serious problem because so many people moved to cities like Tokyo, in order to get their jobs. It seems like there is only one option for a job, working for a company.

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Arranged Marriage

Actually my parents had an arranged marriage.

My mom said that she had received some love letters from someone else, but she didn't get married with him.

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Online Dating

I think online dating is okay but not for me. A friend of mine got married via twitter. I met his wife in Seattle at the Microsoft conference in 2013. They seemed happy.

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I'm really tired of election campains. Many people think that is more than enough because of them. They always think about only themselves. I don't want to see nor hear their stupid ideas. I think many people gave up thinking those things.

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Cell phones and social etiquette

Nowadays most people have smartphones and they are always looking at the screen on the train, even while they are walking as well.

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Bullying in Schools

Some kids committed suicide because of bullying. Now because of Internet technology, it's much more serious problem than before.

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