Pinky the Crocodile

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Hobbies?

Part 2 - June 2013 ~ July 2013

Posted: Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Originally my hobbies were maintaining my website, listening to music, and learning English. But maintaining my website is now my job.

I listen to music when I am at the gym, especially while jogging. Music is helpful to stay motivated. When I go on an exciting trip, I always start listening to new music. If I listen to the music for a long time, it reminds me about the trip. Music also gives me an incentive to do something when I am in a slump. It's helpful to control my feelings.

As for English, I enjoy checking English subtitles for Japanese animation movies on the Internet. Some parts are what I learned recently, so it's good for review, but when I find some weird or incorrect translations, I try to fix them.

Learning English gives me insights into cultures, so I think they are both essential to my life.

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