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I think this site is the best to know about me, but the last 3 articles are about Japan for foreign people.


Part 1 - January 2013 ~ February 2013

How Do You Feel About Your Job?

Actually, I've changed my jobs a lot. I've worked many kinds of jobs. I've worked at restaurants, electric stores, and taught how to use computer or mobile devices.

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How Did You Get Interested in Your Hobbies?

One day, I found a piece of paper and began to draw to kill time. Though I tried drawing some animals, I couldn't draw any besides crocodiles.

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What's Your Hometown Famous For?

Osaka is famous for Okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is a pancake containing seafood or meat and vegetables. There are two different styles in Japan, ...

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Who Are You Closest To?

I have to say I’m closet to my father. He loves to travel all over the world, and take a lot of pictures. When he comes back to Japan, he always shows me the pictures enthusiastically.

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Tell Me About Your Most Exciting Trip

My trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto 12 years ago was most exciting trip because it was my first time to travel alone. I got on Maid of the Mist, and walked on the glass floor of the CN tower.

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Have Your Dreams Changed Since You Were A Child?

When I was a kid, I loved to create things. Actually, I started learning the piano when I was 6, and then I had absolute pitch.

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Part 2 - June 2013 ~ July 2013

What's Your Career Goal?

That's a good question. I've been working on my website for many years, and I'm satisfied with my current job. Until now I've been involved almost exclusively with the technical aspects of things,

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What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Hobbies?

Originally my hobbies were maintaining my website, listening to music, and learning English. But maintaining my website is now my job.

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Tell Me About Your Neighborhood

Let's see... for me, the best part of my neighborhood is that it's near a convenience store. It takes less than a minute to get there on foot.

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What's The Role Of Your Family In Your Life?

I guess the most special people to me are my parents. I feel I am sharing my life with them,

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How Do You See Yourself?

Basically, I have thought of myself as an unfettered person, ever since I can remember. I hate to be categorized into anything, because I think it limits my potential.

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What Don't You Skimp On?

For my job, a PC is the most important thing. So, when I buy a new PC, I'd like to choose a pink one with the highest specifications, in order to use it longer.

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Part 3 - June 2014 ~ August 2014

What Steps Do You Take to Relieve Stress?

Well, I decided not to work for a company because it gave me a lot of stress, and now I am working on my website instead. I don't have any stress because of relationships anymore, but I have other big concerns.

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What Has Surprised You Most Recently?

Well, I've been living in an apartment for more than 7 years, and the washing machine is outside on the balcony.

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Would You Like to Tell Me What You Are Particularly Good at?

I think I have two things that I'm good at.

When I was in elementary school, I used to go to an abacus school.

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Where Do You Recommend Visiting in Japan?

If you like to see night view, you should defenately visit Mt. Hakodate. It's very famous and considered to be not only one of Japan's most beautiful night views, but

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What Kind of Food Do You Recommend Eating While I'm in Japan?

Actually, I don't eat Japanese food daily, but I love Japanese style breakfast. If you stay at a Japanese style inn,

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Could You Tell Me Something about the Traditional Culture of Japan?

Wow, that's a big question. Where should I begin? Well… I'm going to tell you about a Japanese annual event.

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