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Draft: July 14, 2013
Date: Friday, July 19, 2013

For my job, a PC is the most important thing. So, when I buy a new PC, I'd like to choose a pink one with the highest specifications, in order to use it longer. Even if it is very expensive, if I lreally want to get that one, I don't skimp on that. Keeping up with the latest technology is my biggest interest.

Also, I sometimes collect gemstones, like birth stones. When I buy some bracelets with them, I'll pay more for high quality ones. I am very interested in those things. They help me control my feelings, and they also give me good luck and good fortune. In fact, my income has increased ever since I bought a high grade rutilated quartz bracelet, so now I can do anything I want.

But, I save money elsewhere. I don't care about big-name brands. I don't have a car even though I have a driver's license. I can walk for 30 minutes instead of using public transportation in order to save money, too.

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