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Talking About Your Views on Technology

Smartphones are really useful in case of traveling. The best thing about smartphones is getting information really easily. For example, checking the weather forecast or latest news.

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Talking About a Memorable Historical Event

One of the most memorable hietorical events for me was in 1985 when Hanshin Tigers became the champions in the Japan Series.

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Talking About Your Hopes and Plans

In the future, I hope to travel all over the world by ship. Traveling is really good for me because I can learn a lot from talking with local people.

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Talking About a Past Era

I think it would have been terrible to live during World War II. Although families were important, if someone in their family would get "the red paper" (someone got drafted), he had to go to war.

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Talking About a Favorite Building

The Egyptian pyramids of the Giza Necropolis are the most impressive and interesting buildings in the world.

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Talking About a Significant Experience in Your Life

Starting working on my website which I established on January 25, 1999 was a very significant decision for me.

Let me give you the background to this story: You know, skills are invisible so I have been expressing that on my website.

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Talking about a Controversial Topic

I am against granting voting rights to foreigners. I think it might lose Japanese people's right. The main reason I oppose granting voting rights to foreigners is that...

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Talking About a Frightening Experience in Your Entire Life

One of the scariest experiences of my life was when I lived in an apartment with my family where I grew up.

There were three rooms including a Japanese room, with a living and dining room. Most of the floor was covered with carpet, except the Japanese room and kitchen. The entrance door was made of metal.

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Talking About Global Issues

I think that one of the biggest problems facing the world is global warming. We've been having strange weather the past many years.

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Talking About a Travel Experience

When I was 23, I went to Vancouver in Canada for a homestay for 4 weeks. The homestay program included an English school in the morning, I had a free time in the afternoon. It was my first time traveling abroad.

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Talking About Best and Worst TV Shows

In my opinion, "24 Hours TV" is one of the worst TV shows ever.

As you may know, the catch phrase of the 24 Hours TV is "Love saves the earth" and the concept is for charity.

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Talking About a Memorable Relative

My grandmother, Hite Kohama, worked hard all her life. She was born in 1912 in Obama city in Fukui prefecture.

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Describing a Favorite Restaurant

While I was visiting my friend in the US, I went to a great seafood restaurant called Joe's Crab Shack in Myrtle Beach with her. Actually I was told to buy Salt Water Taffy before I left Japan, so she took me there to buy some as well.

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Talking about a Tradition You Admire

One custom that I think Japan should try to preserve is courtesy. Hospitality, as known with the Japanese word "Omotenashi" is also the typical Japanese traditional spirit.

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Talking about the Firsts

I'll never forget the first time I made a presentation about Microsoft software for web design "Expression Web" at an IT study group.

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Talking About Working Style

There are various ways of working, for instance, not working for a company but also working for yourself. Many people around me seem to believe that working for a company is the only right path.

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How to Improve your English?

Have you ever been stuck improving your English? If you are in the intermediate class, I bet you can communicate in English with basic sentences, and maybe your English expressions tend to be one pattern.

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