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Last Update: 2022-04-06 11:05:41

There are various ways of working, for instance, not working for a company but also working for yourself.

Many people around me seem to believe that working for a company is the only right path. Even though there are so many other ways to work, they don't know much about them. That's why they may regard all those who are not working for companies as unemployed; just playing around or something.

I used to change my job a lot before I started working for myself. I learned so many things while I was doing those jobs. As a result, I can understand many other jobs. However, every time I try and explain to others about my job, it always takes time to get them to understand.

These days, some young people quit their jobs or universities and start working for themselves as bloggers in Japan. Maybe they are influenced by famous bloggers who graduated from prestigious universities then quit great companies, perhaps because of a lack of social skills. I believe those young people don't have the same experience, so they always disrespect those who work for companies and society. My opinion is that all they can do is beg or commit fraud on the Internet.

I think learning about society is the most important thing. It's necessary to know your position and find your vocation. You should get a lot of experience to know about yourself. Everyone has different abilities, and there is always something special you can do. You should find it. No matter what people say, it is up to you to make the final decision. But, whatever working style you choose, everyone needs social skills.

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