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Date: October 1, 2016

In my opinion, "24 Hours TV" is one of the worst TV shows ever.

As you may know, the catch phrase of the 24 Hours TV is "Love saves the earth" and the concept is for charity. For instance, focusing on handicapped person's documentaries in order to make us feel moved or impressed, like "give us your tears" or something like that.

But that makes the handicapped people angry or gives them an unpleasant feeling because that is just as bad as insulting them. It seems like non-handicapped people want to have a sense of superiority over handicapped people. Handicapped people are not objects. They are the same as everyone else, but with a disability.

A competing program in the same time-slot on a different channel got into the news this year. I learned that they edited the truth to make it as a touching story. But unfortunately the TV show was just for 30 minutes. I wanted to watch the show longer, and I wanted to know more about the details and the truth.

Generally, charity programs easily change the bad courses because of some egoisms. Touching stories should be the truth, but they are actually not. That's why it is boring and just lengthy.

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