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How to Improve your English?

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Last Update: 2022-04-06 11:05:40


Have you ever been stuck improving your English? If you are in the intermediate class, I bet you can communicate in English with basic sentences, and maybe your English expressions tend to be one pattern. At least you can barely tell others what you want to say, although it might always take time to explain those thing because of your limited-expression and limited vocabulary.

I have been studying English for more than 16 years at three different English conversation schools. When I started going to the first English conversation school, I couldn't speak English at all, but one year later, I was abole to speak basic sentences. It wasn't so hard to move to the intermediate class. I could only talk about my interests and matters I'm familliar with at that time.

When I tried to take a discussion class for the first time, I couldn't say anything because I'd never thought about the topics we discussed. It is a fact that it's impossible to express in English what you cannot say even in Japanese (your native language). I thought I couldn't improve much more and gave up, "This is the limit".

If you want to go up to the advanced class, you have to broaden your horizens. So that you are able to deal with any topic. I started looking at the current news, politics and global issues and research them. Actually knowing things that are not of interest to you is never a waste.

You don't have to subscribe to any newspaper. I think news on the Internet is good enough.

I strongly recommend that you make it a habit to browse news and compare each article to find the facts. You will realize that each newspaper has a different perspective and media bias.

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