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Date: March 26, 2016

I am against granting voting rights to foreigners. I think it might lose Japanese people's right.

The main reason I oppose granting voting rights to foreigners is that Chinese and Korean people who had anti-Japanese education. Every year 30-40% of foreign criminals arrested in Japan are Chinese.

Mass media is now hiding the truth and Korean criminals are reported with their Japanese names, not their real ones. Some Korean people said that they can leave their responsibilities to Japanese on TV. That seems like they never take responsibility.

Some other people say that China is planning to invade Japan and Japan will be part of China in 50 years. Their common sense is far from global standard. Granting voting rights to foreigners makes it become true easily.

Propaganda by the right-wing is actually produced by Korean. They are making very loud noises in order to remove our patriotism. When my parents were kids, people used to display Japanese flag on holidays. But nowadays no one does not it anymore because of the influence by proganda from the right-wing.

Now it's time to get our patriotism back. We have to realize that we can have pride as Japanese by protecting our country, and protecting our culture.

We have to know that truth and must ignore the face history.

I love my country, and I have a proud of being Japanese. We have to keep our pride and save our own country by ourselves.

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