Pinky the Crocodile

Talking About Global Issues

Speech Series

July 2, 2016

I think that one of the biggest problems facing the world is global warming. We've been having strange weather the past many years. I am particularly concerned about desertification from deforestation in central China, like the Gobi desert. I think that's one of the most important issues for reducing greenhouse gas, because forests help the problem by photo synthesis.

Global warming is said to have caused the sea level to rise because of melting icebergs. Especially European people are concerned about the temperature change. If the icebergs in North Pole are gone, the warm current from Mexico might be down. That might be really cold there in the future. If all icebergs melt, most of the cities might be under the water.

I believe that we should save electricity first. I always set the temperature between 28C to 31C in summer, and 18C for winter. Not to get heat stroke, we should turn on the air conditioner instead of turning on TVs.

I think most of the TV programs are not so good. We should watch TV only if it is educational and telling the truth. We should turn off TV when nobody watches it.

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